IMG_8175Welcome to Healthy Conscious Lifestyle! My name is Ingrid Meske, I am an Australian living in Washington, USA. My best friend is my husband and I have three wonderful children who live in Australia. I struggled with weight loss all my adult life, mainly because of all the misleading information provided by so many different sources out there. In the last few years, I’ve dedicated much of my time to researching and teaching myself about what works and what doesn’t. I am very passionate about people so I love helping anyone achieve their weight loss goals, be it with friendly advice, a book recommendation or just by listening and offering encouragement.

About 13 years ago I joined a website that offered support for people struggling with weight loss, however I felt the site lacked friendship. I decided to create my own weight loss support group and Diet Supporters was born. The site was well known for how caring and supportive the members were. We were recommended as an excellent place for weight loss support in both Prevention Magazine and the Good Morning New Zealand show. DS, as our members called the site, was online for about 5 years. Our host disappeared one day and sadly, the site came to an end. I kept in touch with my members through email and Facebook. It is the same member base of that great website that now makes up the base for Healthy Conscious Lifestyle. We have learned much throughout the years about food, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and what people need in terms of support. We are back online to offer information, knowledge and to support you in your new lifestyle change.

The forums at Healthy Conscious Lifestyle are quite diverse, so everyone will be able to find support for whatever their needs may be. The team behind the forums is helpful and knowledgeable about the forums that they moderate. Although the team isn’t made up of experts, you will always be able to get sound, real world advice from people who understand what you are going through.