Cholesterol – Let’s understand what it’s all about!

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Understanding Cholesterol

Cholesterol, friend or foe?  It seems as if everything we used to believe and understand about cholesterol is no longer relevant.  New scientific research has shown that cholesterol is not the bad guy we have been lead to believe.  I encourage all of you to do some research on the subject, it will change the way you look at food.  I used to be scared to eat butter and healthy fats. We were wrong in believing these awesome sources of energy were damaging to our bodies!  Eggs, fatty cuts of meat, butter and coconut oil are some examples of good cholesterol sources.

For more information about Cholesterol,  I recommend reading the article found at Natural News.  It goes into a lot of depth and detail to help you better understand this subject.  
Cholesterol Clarity is an awesome book.  I recommend you to read it so you will at least be informed on the new cholesterol fact findings!

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