Focus on health!

IMG_2961Focusing on our health should be our number one priority. Without it, we will not enjoy our lives to their fullest potential. How many times have we had to miss out on activities we enjoy doing simply because our health restricts us? – Hiking, swimming, dancing! Being overweight limits our abilities to do many of our lifes passions & also shortens our lives. We only have this one chance to enjoy our lives. Let’s not wake up one day regretting having let the chance to reach our full potential pass us by.

Acknowledging our past and present mistakes allow us to move forward. By altering our mindset and trying new things, we give ourselves the chance to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of. No matter how old or sick we are, it is never too late to make positive changes.

Foods that are available to us today are giving us countless diseases that prevent us from living long prosperous lives. These unhealthy foods are rendering us into sickly human beings. There comes a time when trading that taste we enjoy for mere moments for a healthier life has to be a mind shift worth conquering. It takes dedication, determination, will power and a desire that burns brighter than anything else!

I encourage us all to give ourselves the opportunity to discover the lives we were meant to enjoy. I challenge us to give a healthy lifestyle the place it deserves in our lives. After all, when choosing to live and eat healthy, we are embracing God’s greatest gift to us, our lives.

I welcome you to join us in our journey of a healthy conscious lifestyle, but most importantly, we will join you in yours!


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